Bridge the gap between understanding the principles of manifestation, to BEING the conscious creator of your life

In this free workshop you'll learn how to:


  • Transcend your upper limits

    Let your true colors shine and step more deeply into your lifes work minus the baggage that keeps you shrinking, self-sacrificing, overworking or forever trying to "force" things to come together.

  • Take back your control

    Turn breakdown into awakening & pain into a lesson. Clearly see how everything you have is what you asked for... and then choose again.     

  • Have it all

    End the struggle with money, relationships, your body, your sense of purpose & live aligned & unlimited on all fronts.


Are you ready to truly face yourself to experience something new?

You are a sovereign being. You were born free with a unique code of genius already locked & loaded. 


The trouble is - from the moment we're born, our society, family and experiences start programming in ideas & beliefs about our world. 


Often times it's not until the illusion gets smashed wide open through the experience of pain or the exhaustion that comes from years of struggle that the opportunity comes to choose something different. 


I'm Amy & I'm here to help you re-member who you were before the world told you who you should be. 


To tap into your unique guiding signal and master the art of consciously creating the life you choose. 


Are you ready to experience something different?


Receiving Amy into your world will be, hands down, one of THE BEST personal and financial decisions of your LIFE!   

She’s a rare gift of a Coach. She not only helps you break down and break through the bullshit that holds you back, she also supports you in learning how to leverage your deepest desires and core genius into a business model that fits you, ALL of you.” 


– Ali Walter, Profit Boss & Business Oracle

“Amy is someone I would unequivocally trust with ANY part of my growth – business or otherwise”

 She provides both a sense of groundedness and expansion that leaves anyone feeling like they’re soaking in possibility. Furthermore, she has this uncanny ability to truly pull back the curtain of your mind and sort things out in a way that leaves you feeling aligned and ignited. “ 


– Alexandra Covucci – The Daring Life, Mindset Coach

“I think a 210% increase in cash sales in April 2017 compared to April 2016, kinda says it all.   

You challenged the socks off me. I needed that. I needed someone to really dig into my wonky thoughts about money and what I’m capable of. Your coaching is up-front and no-nonsense. You could see right through my horse-shit and how I was holding myself back.”  


 – Liz Goodchild, The Life Coach for people who give a shit.