Private Coaching With Amy
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Are you ready to take the handbrake off your business and let it flow?

Do you feel like you’re doing everything you “should” be doing to grow your business but despite having racked & stacked a ton of business courses, stuffed crystals in your bra and tried to journal your way to “effortlessly receiving all da monies” it still ain’t happening?


Are you a transformational coach who’s sitting on wisdom, knowledge and information that could change peoples lives, but whenever you get to work on your marketing or asking for payment you just want to hide in a hole with Netflix?

Now, I’m guessing…

You didn’t get into business to be a burnt out employee of your own making

You didn’t risk it all to be an entrepreneur only to end up constantly freaked out about money

And you definitely didn’t signup for this one and only life to be feeling lost, stuck and mainlining Haagen Das.

Discover how to finally release the energetic blocks that have been holding you back from owning your worth, backing your vision and amassing more money.

Hey – I’m Amy.


And as wealth breakthrough coach, I help smart, ambitious entrepreneurs like you to clear the energetic & generational BLOCKS that stop you from owning your brilliance, spreading your message and amassing more money, allowing you to truly step into your gifts and RECEIVE more money, clients, ease and JOY in your life.

If right now you’re:


Stuck at an income ceiling or experiencing flip-flopping income going from record highs to scraping by and you want it to just FLOW


Journalling, meditating and vision-boarding your socks off but your manifesting game is somewhat hit and miss


Continually second-guessing yourself when it comes to sharing your message and being seen as the real you.


Feeling numb, uninspired or a bit “meh” about doing the work  (and feel like you might just punch the next person who tells you to just “TAKE MASSIVE ACTION” because you would if you could find the “on” switch again.)


You’re in the right place 😉 …

I’m here to help you release the generational programming that keeps your income small and your genius hidden, so you can stop watching from the sidelines as everyone else takes the stage, and go after your dreams & get em.

Here’s the thing. You can google all the marketing, social media and “how-to” stuff in the world.


But you can’t google your inner world.


And what’s going on inside your head, is the control room for what’s happening in your entire life.


That’s why it doesn’t matter which business model or strategy you use – ANY of them will work when you’re in alignment.


That means – your energy and emotions are directly impacting your message, business direction, income, health, weight, relationships, sex drive… the lot.


It’s all connected. Because it’s all energy.

When you tap into the unstoppable force that is YOU and unravel what’s holding you back from living the life you really want…things. get. awesome.

For example, you’re able to…

Declare yourself a drama free zone

Feeling at peace and no longer being emotionally tied to the past or worried about the future. You have a sense of limitlessness as you realise everything you ever wanted is just a choice away.

Earn more and impact the world

No longer shrinking because you “don’t know enough”, don’t know HOW or aren’t ready. Instead, you feel tapped into your greater purpose as you pierce time and boldly declare “screw it, I’m gonna do it”.

Plug into cosmic google at will

Being more tapped into your intuition, where decisions are easy, and new, innovative ideas just keep coming to you.

Effortlessly attract in only the BEST clients

And have epic friendships and relationships because you fully embrace your own worth, allowing everyone else to do the same.

Private coaching with me focuses on:


Inner game

When you change the way you FEEL about things, the things you look at change.
We’ll unpack the TRUTH of who you are, what you want and what you’re really here to do.


Habit formation & integration

Abundance, health and success aren’t mindsets, they’re HABITS.
I’ll show you how to lock ’em in and skyrocket your confidence, momentum and self-belief.


Marketing, Sales & Strategy

Can you be spiritually connected AND wildly profitable? Fuck yes.
Around here we do profitable and impactful – without sacrificing your integrity.

Ready to take the first step?

Apply below for a completely free Chat on Facebook.


Please note, this is NOT a sales call – just an opportunity for us to connect (no video required) to see if I can help.


I’ll ask you a bunch of questions to find out where you’re at and where you want to go and see what’s really possible for you.


In 15-20minutes I’ll help you identify the #1 thing that’s holding you back and share exactly what I think your next steps should be.


If we think it’s a fit to investigate further – I’ll arrange a separate full-length Breakthrough Session to see if we’re a fit to work together.


Sound good? Let’s do this.

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“Receiving Amy into your world will be, hands down, one of THE BEST personal and financial decisions of your LIFE!   She’s a rare gift of a Coach. She not only helps you break down and break through the bullshit that holds you back, she also supports you in learning how to leverage your deepest desires and core genius into a business model that fits you, ALL of you.” – Ali Walter, Profit Boss & Business Oracle

“Amy is someone I would unequivocally trust with ANY part of my growth – business or otherwise”   “She provides both a sense of groundedness and expansion that leaves anyone feeling like they’re soaking in possibility. Furthermore, she has this uncanny ability to truly pull back the curtain of your mind and sort things out in a way that leaves you feeling aligned and ignited. “ – Alexandra Covucci – The Daring Life, Mindset Coach

“I think a 210% increase in cash sales in April 2017 compared to April 2016, kinda says it all.   You challenged the socks off me. I needed that. I needed someone to really dig into my wonky thoughts about money and what I’m capable of. Your coaching is up-front and no-nonsense. You could see right through my horse-shit and how I was holding myself back.”   – Liz Goodchild, The Life Coach for people who give a shit.

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