My unconventional growth plan for 2018
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My unconventional growth plan for 2018

My unconventional growth plan for 2018

About 18-months ago, I decided I didn’t want to blog anymore… I was over it and focused my attention mostly on my Facebook Group.

Now on January 3rd 2018, I’ve decided I’m gonna get back into it.

There’s no major business strategy behind it but rather, a strong desire to share my truth, on my terms on my turf.

So if you’re here reading this – welcome!

So its now 2018, and as my newsfeed fills up with the usual “new year new me” rhetoric, so I wanted to share my thoughts on:

>> Why wanting to change yourself can actually be a form of mild self-aggression.

>> Why I’m NOT going “all in” on anything and the counterintuitive shift to make more cool shit happen with LESS work.

>> My unconventional growth strategy in 2018.



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