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The REAL reason why you procrastinate

The REAL reason why you procrastinate

Alright, let’s talk about procrastination.


Would it surprise you to know that in the process of editing this video I procrastinated for about 3 days and decided now was the PERFECT time to learn all about how to use Final Cut Pro X editing software – which took the better part of an entire day where I should have been producing content?


Oh the irony.


So – procrastination.


If you’ve found yourself procrastinating on doing the work you know you need to do to get your business out there but no matter how many “tricks” you’ve tried to force yourself – you just can’t seem to get on with it – todays video will help.


Procrastination, like any other kind of resistance, can actually be a GIFT when you know what’s really going on.


Watch below as I break it down.


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