How to pivot your business without burning it to the ground
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Give yourself permission to transition: How to pivot your business without burning it to the ground

Give yourself permission to transition: How to pivot your business without burning it to the ground

Have you ever had the fleeting (or perhaps more persistent) thought that you’d like to burn your business to the ground and go hide in a cave somewhere with a lifetime supply of Netflix?


If your business is in a transition phase, where maybe you’ve fallen out of love with what you’re doing, who you’re working with or who you are being as a result of chasing the typical models of “success”  – todays video is for you.


In 2016 I went through an intense period of time where I was no longer in love with what I was doing, but had NO idea what I wanted to be doing, and had ZERO energy to persue it anyway.

To say it was painful was an understatement.

In the end it probably took 12 months to fully move to a place of confidence and clarity again because I was SO resistant to actually going deeper and breaking everything down to figure out WHAT was changing within me.

I made everything take so much longer by ignoring the signs and signals early on, and instead “powered through” thinking I was just feeling grumpy because I needed:

  • Better boundaries
  • More systems to run my operations smoother
  • More sales! Because more money always solves the problems, right?


Turned out, I had evolved into a new phase of my growth and my business was like the shell of a crab that no longer fit me.


I needed to let it all go. Get all the weeds and embedded roots out of the soil and start again, because what I was doing and HOW I was being, just wasn’t sustainable or fulfilling.


In today’s video I want to share with you 3 thoughts that can help you move through a big business transition phase with grace, allowing you to find your balance again, without having to burn everything to the ground.




Step 1:  Release all the judgement. 

When everything is up in the air and you’ve lost your flow and feel like it’s all crumbling around you, it can quickly turn into an internal mud-slinging match where you start berating yourself about all the choices, or investments you’ve made that have brought you to this point.


Stop it.  It’s not helpful and it’s completely overlooking the fact that what you’re going through is a very NATURAL part of your business and personal development.


How you respond to this, is what you’ll get next, so instead of seeing this as a time where it’s all going “wrong” or you’re losing your way, what if you actually see it as a powerful time to do some soul searching to find your TRUTH, for who you are TODAY.


Remember – with everything in life there are 2 fundamental truths…

This situation is neither good, nor bad, it simply IS.

And, it’s temporary.


Step 2: Be real, and get RAW


Make a commitment to start telling the TRUTH with yourself, about everything.

The likelihood is that if you’ve found yourself in a place where you’re no longer in sync with your business, it’s probably been creeping up for a while but you’ve been ignoring or overriding the signs.

Perhaps you’re getting symptoms in your body and thought it was because you’ve been sitting funny or need a holiday.

Maybe it’s a sinking feeling in your gut when you go to open your emails.

Maybe you’ve been feeling off for a while but thought you just needed to “toughen up” and just push through it.

It doesn’t matter how you got here –  what will set you free is telling the solid gold truth with yourself about the FACTS of your situation, and getting REAL about how you actually FEEL. 

This can be tough in the beginning but trust me, it’s in here that the magic lies.


Step 3: Do a “sweet spot” inventory of your business


You’ve probably seen it a million times before, but the “sweet spot” ven-diagram is an amazing tool for diagnosing any mis-alignment in your business.

Allow yourself to be 100% honest with yourself and rate yourself from 1-10 on how much:

a) You love what you’re doing

b) Skill or congruence you feel you have in what you’re doing

c) Value it brings to the market (in other words, is it something people are willing to pay for)


With everything that you’re not rating as a 10… ask yourself, “what would it take for this to be 10 for me”?



In summary, your business, just like you, is always changing and evolving.

This transition period, if you let it, can be an amazing catalyst for growth and fulfilment if you let yourself surrender to it.


If you’re pivoting, transitioning and WTF’ing in your business and would like support to find your centre again – click here to apply for a Satori session to see how I can help.

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