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Process Guide: Overcome resistance & leapfrog over your comfort zone


In a short 10-minute read, you’ll learn:


>> What’s really causing the results in your business (& why learning more strategy or doing affirmations won’t do ANYTHING if you don’t first address this overlooked piece.)

>>The “OMG is it really that simple?” 4-step process to RAPIDLY identify & release ANY limiting belief so you can literally bend reality to your will, leapfrog over your comfort zone and actually LIVE the life you hanker for in a matter of MONTHS (not years)

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Sell Your Wisdom For What It’s Worth Webinar


Discover how to effortlessly attract & enroll high-end dream clients into your programs and events for $3k – $10k (even if right now you’re struggling to sell $150 single sessions).


In this training webinar you’ll learn:


>>WHERE to go to find the most committed, and ready for action clients (and not tire-kickers who just want to consume more information)

>> Why following the classic “guru” lead marketing funnels of doom are an EXCELLENT way to end up just about breaking even and spending your life trying to optimize & fiddle with MORE tech.

>>The #3 essential elements of premium offers that your clients will happily pay £3k-$50k for (even if you’re currently struggling to sell $150 sessions and even if you don’t sell “how to make money”)

>>The only 6 marketing messages you need to be able to flip on your iPhone, shoot a video and start enrolling clients in the next 24hrs.

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