Amy Humphries | Expansion Strategist & Mindset Mentor
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Do you remember what got you started in your business in the first place?

The vision of being on stage perhaps… sharing your stories in that cheeky way you do?


The dream of running that retreat in Bali, or Costa-Rica… cross-legged on a mat, dropping some wisdom bombs and soaking up the atmos?


Those eye-to-eye talks with people, where you literally see them open up and become FREE, right in front of you?


The burning desire to get your ideas out into a book, where millions of people could be touched by your truth… so that theirs could finally come out too?


Let’s talk about that for a sec, shall we?


Because, it’s time for someone to tell some home truths about this here thing called entrepreneurship.

Up to this point, I’m guessin’ it’s been a bit of an uphill slog. You’ve been in the trenches, doing your best to grow your business, but sometimes it feels like you’re just revvin’ your engine, kicking up dust.

Am I close?

It’s been a few years since you hung out your online shingle and maybe you’re starting to wonder when the hell it’s all going to come together and “click” for you.

Sure, you’re making money, sometimes even hitting record months and you know you’re mostly on the right track… but still something feels a bit off.  

Perhaps you’ve spent thousands in learning marketing and have poured a metric TON of caffeine down your neck whilst tinkering with your website – but now you’ve got a jumble of strategies and it still feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Perhaps you’ve spent hours, months even years learning personal development, or maybe you even work in the fields of energy / mindset / wealth / health yourself – still stuff is unbalanced in your own life.

For example…

You get your health in order and then… your money shit starts showing up.


You focus on the business and pour all your attention into your clients but then WHAM! you hit an upper limit, get a weird injury (or get ill) and then wind up riding the cashflow roller coaster for another rendition of the “what the actual fuck is going on” ride at fun-town.


Ain’t it all fun.

But here’s the thing I want you to hear…

The income, impact and independence you got into your business for can be yours, but only when you stop seeing yourself, your health and your business as separate entities and bring them all into alignment.

In essence, it’s time to stop pussyfooting around your real message & start showing the world your true colors.

Because the world of employment forced you to fit in.

But entrepreneurship? Well, she’s a cheeky bitch who demands that you stand up
and be yourself.

Only problem is, I can practically guarantee that the thing that makes you unique, your superpower, your genius, is being doubted, undervalued and overlooked entirely because you’re too damn close to see, that darlin’…

You’re sitting on a friggin gold mine.

I’m Amy Humphries

As an Expansion Strategist & Mindset Mentor, my mission is to help coaches, speakers & leaders like you who are tiptoeing around your zone of genius to finally nail your calling, own your edge and make an abundant income doing what you love.

I help you align your business in a way that makes everything flow with who you  are, where you stop waiting to find the magic bullet and realise YOU’RE . FUCKING . IT .


So there’s really only one question left at this point…


Shall we get started?