Amy Humphries | Expansion Strategist & Mindset Mentor
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I’m Amy Humphries – Expansion Strategist & Mindset Mentor for Transformational Pros who are ready to show their true colours & hold nothing back.

My speciality is helping coaches, speakers & transformation pros to transcend their upper limits, step into their Lifes Work and live Aligned & Unlimited on all fronts.


If right now you’re tiptoeing around your genius and KNOW you’re operating at a fraction of your full capacity… then you’re most certainly in the right place.

Get started today & discover the 4-step process to transform fear into profit-generating fuel so you can bend reality to your will, leapfrog over your comfort zone & become an unstoppable business badass, today.

Recent videos…

About 18-months ago, I decided I didn’t want to blog anymore… I was over it and focused my attention mostly on my Facebook Group. Now on January 3rd 2018, I’ve decided I’m gonna get back into it. There’s no major business strategy behind it but......

Alright, let’s talk about procrastination.   Would it surprise you to know that in the process of editing this video I procrastinated for about 3 days and decided now was the PERFECT time to learn all about how to use Final Cut Pro X editing......