The 6 Keys to Consistently Enroll Perfect Fit Clients At $5k-20k+ Without Ever Feeling Pushy, “Salesy” or Out Of Integrity

Join us, LIVE, on Thursday 9th July - 7pm UK time, 2pm EST, 11am PST
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In this training you'll learn:

  • ​How to create unshakable self-belief in the value of your work so you can confidently command $5k-$20k+ for your programs, (even if the thought makes you feel 😳)
  • How to deliver incredible transformations at those premium price points, without working with clients one-to-one, whilst helping your clients get even better results. 🚀
  • ​The #1 place you need to go to find people who "have the money" who can can afford your services (no matter what niche or industry you work in.)
  • How to structure feel-GREAT sales conversations that inspire your prospects to step into their vision, overcome their own objections and take action, without using any questionable 1980's slimy "closer" 🤢 tactics. 
  • ​PLUS, The 4 most overlooked (and counterintuitive) ENERGY blocks which have you overlooking your gift, shrinking, doubting your value, procrastinating, freezing and RESISTING money often without you even knowing it...and how to open up this energy flow for good.
About Your Host: Amy Humphries is a Mindset, Marketing & Sales Coach for Transformation Coaches who want to sell their wisdom for what it's worth, activate their embodied leadership energy and create a ripple effect of transformation for their clients, and in turn, the world.

Join us, LIVE:
Thursday 9th July - 7pm UK Time, 2pm EST, 
11am PST

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Receiving Amy into your world will be hands down one of THE BEST personal and financial decisions of your life.

She's a rare gift of a coach. She not only helps you break down and breakthrough the bullshit that holds you back, she also supports you in learning how to leverage your core genius into a business model that fits you, ALL of you

Profit Boss & Business Architect
Amy is someone I would unequivocally trust with ANY part of my growth, business or otherwise

She provides both a sense of groundedness and expansion that leaves you feeling like you're soaking in possibility. Furthermore she has this uncanny ability to truly pull back the curtain of your mind and sort things out in a way that leaves you feeling aligned & ignited.

Leadership & Self Mastery Coach
I think a 210% increase in cash sales from this time last year kinda says it all

You challenged the socks off me. I needed that. I needed someone to really dig into my wonky thoughts about money and what I'm capable of. Your coaching is up-front and no-nonsense. You could see right through my horse shit and how I was holding myself back 

Life Coach for People Who Give A Shit
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