I Run This Ship - Amy Humphries | Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor.
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I’m Amy Humphries – Rapid Growth Strategist & Mindset Mentor for Transformation Professionals who are ready to earn big, play big and hold nothing back.

My speciality is helping coaches, healers & leaders to own their true value & live at full capacity in every area of life by rapidly shifting their success blocks allowing them to multiply their income and impact, fast.


If right now you’re¬†tiptoeing¬†around you genius, are trapped in a cycle of flood and trickle around money or are experiencing weird symptoms or injuries show up in your body and deep down KNOW you’re operating at a fraction of your full capacity… then you’re most certainly in the right place, because it’s all connected.

Get started today with my free masterclass & discover how to unlock the power of your subconscious mind to fully release your money, success & visibility blocks and let’s quantum leap your business in months, not years.